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The 10-14 year old's suicide rate is up 300% and over 50% of high school students have sent a nude photo in the last year if asked for one 

  • Real Cyber Cops

    This program was founded by cyber cops with over 40 years experience hunting pedophiles lurking online and living next door.

  • Simple For All Parents

    No technical knowledge is needed to keep your kid safe from online predators.  We use simple frameworks and common sense instructions to help parents of every tech level.

  • Awareness

    The foundation of safety is built on being aware of what our kids face online: predators, cyber bullies, fake realities, sending nude pictures, 

  • Proven Results

    These techniques have been used to train over 20,000 kids parents, and youth involved adults.  After this training, 98% of kids were less likely to send nude photos or cyberbully.

  • Customized For Your Family

    You will be trained in our proven cyber safety framework and taught how to customize and grow the plan to meet your family's needs.

  • Stay Up-to-Date

    Our weekly live-online trainings hosted by cyber cops and family mental health counselors, keeps you on the cutting edge of the newest apps, trends and threats to your child.  

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